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The Niche

We are first and foremost – ‘Fence Builders’ not ‘Ambulance Drivers’

We seek to deliver intervention, protective and preventative processes based on well thought through anthropologically sound evidence-based practice. Good and workable prescriptions matter, giving children and their families not only direction and clarity, but also sound foundational life motivators such as hope, purpose and meaning, that are also key in allowing the Affective Domain education to ‘stick’.

Dalgarno Institute is unique in…

  • Pioneering Community initiated Alcohol and Drug Advocates and Educators.
  • We utilize multidiscipline and innovative advocacy and education programs, approaches and pedagogies.
  • Solid research backing with qualified and highly experienced staff and supporters including Cognitive Based Therapists, Medical Practitioners and Educators.
  • Empowerment model based on ‘together’ not simply promoting individuality – promoting positive peer engagement and intervention.
  • Assisting young people and communities to look beyond the ‘pop-culture’ and often intimidating peer solidarity, to little considered but imperative psycho-social health benefits and elements– including values formation and worldview calibration.
  • We focus beyond symptoms and ‘Band-aid’ approaches and endeavour to skill young people and communities to investigate causal and big picture reasons behind the ‘noisy’ and very ‘messy’ symptoms.
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World Federation Against Drugs

World Federation Against Drugs (W.F.A.D) Dalgarno Institute is a member of this global initiative. For evidence based data on best practice drug policy in the global context.
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Institute for Behavior and Health

The Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc. is to reduce the use of illegal drugs. We work to achieve this mission by conducting research, promoting ideas that are affordable and scalable...
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Drug Free Australia

Drug Free Australia Website. Drug Free Australia is a peak body, representing organizations and individuals who value the health and wellbeing of our nation...
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Drug Advisory Council of Australia (D.A.C.A)

Drug Advisory Council of Australia (D.A.C.A) Dalgarno Institute is an executive member of this peak body. For updates on current illicit drug issues.
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International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy

(I.T.F.S.D.P) This international peak body continues to monitor and influence illicit drug policy on the international stage. Dalgarno Institute is a member organisation.
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Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Smart Approaches to Marijuana. SAM's leaders are among the world's most prominent voices calling for science-based marijuana education and awareness.

21 Be There

There isn’t merely data sharing - it isn't about promoting a 'one dimensional' legislative solution to a complex problem
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Drug Free Futures

Drug Policy Futures believes in engaging in an open dialogue about the strengths and weaknesses of global drug policies...
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Action Alcohol

The National Alliance for Action on Alcohol is a national coalition of health and community organisations from across Australia that has been formed with the goal of reducing alcohol-related harm.
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Greater Risk

Greater Risk Website - The younger they start the greater the risk...
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Rivermend Health

RiverMend Health is a premier provider of scientifically driven, specialty behavioral health services to those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency, dual disorders, eating disorders, obesity and chronic pain.
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Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center

SAMHSA is committed to improving prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for mental and substance use disorders.
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SAMHSA is committed to improving prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for mental and substance use disorders.