Should you be driving?

Aussie drink-driving laws have similar penalties, but our BAC level is still at .05. This will be moved to .02 in the coming years.
Be safe for you, your family and the person you may injure because, you thought you were ‘ok to drive!’



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This is the madness you get when the largely unregulated #marijuana marketing monster is permitted to promote non-clinically trialled products with unsubstantiated claims of care and cure! 

But that’s exactly what you get in a ‘vote for medicine’ framework. The short-term and intergenerational harms of this #madness is all but guaranteed. It is disturbing enough when the ‘grown ups’ want to self-destruct, but when their actions condemn children to often irreversible harms, it’s beyond outrageous.

Ah! but the ‘intoxicated’ don’t care – except that whatever immediate ‘felt need’ is assuaged. Such is the inevitable trap of substance use.

Association of Comorbid Behavioral and Medical Conditions With Cannabis Use Disorder in Pregnancy

Considerable growth was observed in the prevalence of CUD diagnoses among individuals hospitalized prenatally and in the prevalence of depression, anxiety, nausea, and other conditions in individuals with CUD at hospitalization. This study highlights the need for more screening, prevention, and treatment, particularly in populations with co-occurring CUD and psychiatric disorders. Research on the determinants and outcomes associated with CUD during pregnancy is needed to guide clinicians, policy makers, and patients in making informed decisions.

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