Should you be driving?

Aussie drink-driving laws have similar penalties, but our BAC level is still at .05. This will be moved to .02 in the coming years.
Be safe for you, your family and the person you may injure because, you thought you were ‘ok to drive!’



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This brief expose’ below is the inevitable outcome of ever permissive drug policy interpretations. This is happening in several States in the U.S. and it is literally a nightmare, not only for the hapless substance user, but all those around them.  The A.C.T. in Australia have just stepped into this space and the proponents of this toxic experiment will work tirelessly to sanitize the outcomes.

However, if drug addiction is a ‘disease’ then fundamental aetiology of disease management is being utterly ignored. The two fundamentals are to reduce both exposure and susceptibility to said ‘disease’. Increased permission for drug use is antithetical to best practice disease management – it only increases exposure and susceptibility to the potential for drug use disorders and addiction. This is shocking bad #publichealth policy: 


NIGHTMARE CITY: How Portland’s Decriminalization Of Hard Drugs Destroyed The City

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‘Loving People to Death’ Seattle 


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