“Resilient communities don’t use drugs – Resilient families don’t want them!”

"Young people have a right to grow up in a society where they are protected from pressures to drink and from the harm done by alcohol [and other drugs]." 

World Health Organisation

To provide Primary Prevention, Demand Reduction and Harm Prevention, focused resources that can be delivered to schools, communities, sporting clubs and parents/families by The Dalgarno Institute (and/or other trained and designated facilitators, licensees or other partner agencies). All scientific and academic data posits conclusively that any substance use is detrimental to the developing brain of children and adolescents (up to 25-28 y.o) clearly stating that at this formative stage of brain development there is NO safe level of alcohol or other drug use – So, not using at all (or at the very least delaying uptake) is the safest and best option and should be aggressively and consistently promoted across the community!

The latest National Drug Strategy 2017-26, now puts Demand Reduction as the priority!

The strategy states that “Harm Minimisation includes a range of approaches to help prevent and reduce drug related problems…including a focus on abstinence-oriented strategies... [Harm minimisation] policy approach does not condone drug use.” (page 6)

The N.D.S goes on to say…

“Prevention of uptake reduces personal, family and community harms, allow better use of health and law enforcement resources, generates substantial social and economic benefits and produces a healthier workforce. Demand Reduction strategies that prevent drug use are more cost effective than treating established drug-related problems…Strategies that delay the onset of use prevent longer term harms and costs to the community.” (page 8) 

Evidence in the market place, suggests that the imperative of demand reduction and prevention focused model of education for the under 25 group is difficult to locate and/or access; we seek to provide that option through direct delivery or referral to other Demand Reduction and Primary Prevention focused agencies and licensees in our Coalition.

“Why do nations schedule drugs?...Nations schedule psychoactive drugs because we revere this three-pound organ (of our brain) differently than any other part of our  body. It is the repository of our humanity. It is the place that enables us to write poetry and to do theater, to conjure up calculus and send rockets to Pluto three billion miles away, and to create iPhone and 3D computer printing. And that is the magnificence of the human brain.

Drugs can influence [the brain] adversely. So, this is not a war on drugs – this is a defence of our brains, the ultimate source of humanity!”

Dr Bertha Madras, Professor of Addiction Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

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