Inspire GenZ was birthed in response to the positive impact Tony’s life has had on this generation.

Tony’s amazing experience growing up in the drug capital of Australia as an ex-gang member and drug dealer for almost a decade is set to shock and inspire any audience. With 13 friends dead, 6 of which were murdered, Tony’s unique ability to present his story in an educational and impacting way is rare and powerful.

In 2006 Tony was compelled to share his story in hopes to inspire youths off the path of destruction he was once on. So impacting was his story that a multimedia drama production was scripted and performed across Australia with fantastic outcomes. In 2008 his story caught the attention of two Australian national television programs such as Channel 7’s “Gangs of Oz” and SBS “Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta”, he has been featured in over 30 news articles and interviewed on some of the top rated radio stations across Australia and New Zealand.

Through InspireGenZ, Tony will engage, equip and challenge this generation’s mindset around choices and consequences, helping them discover their strengths and passion in achieving their goals.