Adverse childhood experiences are ‘strong predictor’ for adolescent cannabis use.

Young people who are exposed to adverse childhood experiences between the ages of 0 – 12 years, including parental drug misuse, are at highest risk for developing problematic adolescent cannabis use as teenagers, according to a new study.

Adverse childhood experiences (‘ACEs’) considered included physical, emotional and sexual abuse, emotional neglect, bullying, parental substance use, violence between parents, parental mental health challenges, and a parent being convicted of a criminal offence.

Risks for problematic adolescent cannabis use are highest for individuals reporting 4 or more ACEs, and were particularly raised for those with parental substance use or abuse 

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(What are you modelling to your kids? Permission models such as legalisation of cannabis are only going to precipitate greater harms to already vulnerable Gen Now and Gen Next - #preventdontpromote) 

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