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Cannabis as Medicine? Overview

It is utterly mind-blowing that people have no idea that Cannabis has been part of the medical prescription landscape for over 20 years. That’s right T. G. A (Therapeutic Goods Administration) trialled and approved cannabis based medicines have been available as an option to alleviate, if only in small ways, some of the symptoms of a couple of diseases or help with recovery from treatment. However, the claims of this plant being a ‘miracle cure’ for just about everything, have existed for of 100 years… yet in no credible and advanced research has any of the properties of the Cannabis plant ‘cured’ anything, ever!

There is no argument that some components of this incredibly complex plant can have some therapeutic benefit, be it ever so small, but deriving such from the plant with out co-opting some of the more detrimental components has proven incredibly difficult. On top of that, the evidence emerging from latest science, sees that some of these therapies, do more harm than good, with the temporary alleviating of a symptom on one hand, and incurring along term genetic harm on the other!

Again if facts and evidence matter to your best-practice health care, then this is the space for you. Make informed decisions based on science, and not quackery!

People take cannabis in several ways to try to relieve the symptoms of COPD.

ResearchTrusted Source indicates that smoking and vaping cannabis or CBD may cause respiratory symptoms such as:

  • wheezing
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath

Therefore, edible cannabis or CBD may be preferable.

However, edibles take longerTrusted Source to produce effects than smoking cannabis, so there is a risk of people ingesting too much because they are not feeling anything.

The existing research on CBD for COPD and lung function is conflicting. For example, a small 2018 study found no beneficial effects of vaporizing cannabis for adults with advanced COPD.

Another reviewTrusted Source concludes that cannabis smokers do not appear to develop airflow obstruction and COPD. Meanwhile, a 2020 laboratory studyTrusted Source found that cannabis oil extract may modulate the immune processes that cause inflammation in the airways in COPD.

There is currently no clear evidence that CBD is effective in treating COPD or reducing any of its symptoms. People with COPD should not take CBD or THC products without first seeking a doctor’s advice.


CBD gummies may cause side effects or interact with prescribed medications. The FDATrusted Source is uncertain of the adverse reactions or possible risks associated with the long-term use of CBD products.

The federal agency advises people that CBD can cause various adverse effects, includingTrusted Source:

  • changes in alertness, drowsiness, or sleepiness
  • diarrhea, changes in appetite, or both
  • changes in mood
  • liver injury
  • interactions with medications, drugs, or alcohol
  • damage to fertility

A person should speak with a doctor before taking these CBD products. Anyone who uses these products and then experiences negative effects should also seek medical advice.

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