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Introduction: Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage.
AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria.

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The Portuguese Drug Fallacy Report


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Drug & Alcohol Resource Think Tank

2016-17 Papers

Social Determinants & Substance Use – Beyond the Policy ‘Silo’ Pragmatics
Drug Policy - Changing the Narrative

2013-14 Papers

Overwhelming Agreement in the Strange Cannabis Debate 2013

2011-12 Papers

Families and Addiction Paper
The Rights of the Child
There is a greater shame
Reduction in Arterial Stiffness and Vascular Age

Research and Opinion Papers

Normalisation of Drug Use
Media, Alcohol & Drugs - Trends, role and impact - by Professor John van Groningen
What Place religion - by Peter Dekker
A New Rum Rebellion - 2011 - by Tony Brown
Needles in prisons - help or hinderance - by L. Gore
Dalgarno AOD Community Care Policy 2011
25 years of Harm Minimisation - how far have we come 3rd Ed
Age Dependent Disease in Opiate Addiction Dalgarno Paper July 2011
Gene Environments & Interactions Prof Reece 2010
Who's to Blame 5 - 2010 - by Professor John van Groningen
Marijuana and Testicular Cancer NIDA Notes

True Stories

One Man's Experience with Alcohol - Derek Steenholdt

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Rationale – the “WHY?”

We here at The Dalgarno Institute have over a 150 years of both understanding and confronting the Alcohol and other drug culture and its impacts on society. Consequently we have credible scope in both our concerns and understanding of the devastation of alcohol and other drug abuse, as well as the privilege of presenting and promoting proactive and protective alternatives.

In 2009, the history and legacy of many agencies has been brought together in a collaborative and focused effort to again present to the Australian community, workable options to the often coercive sway of ‘inevitability factor ‘ that the alcohol and drug culture can have when left unchallenged.

Dalgarno Program Parameters

To work collaboratively with any and all who seek to promote abstinence and/or harm prevention. Where possible, to serve the needs of partner groups in promoting said issues. To develop and implement signature ministries that promote and/or deliver professional, relevant and contemporary harm prevention Drug and Alcohol Education programs and strategies.

In culturally impacting ways these programs and strategies will assist young people, children, families and other community groups including Churches and Sporting Clubs, in understanding the complexities of alcohol/ substance abuse and give real and positive options for not only prevention, but proactive alternatives and intervention with peers…

Imperative elements in this program are…

  • Increase Awareness through information and education.
  • Investigate causes, not merely symptoms.
  • Present proactive and protective drug and alcohol options to the culture.
  • Develop policy, strategies and charters that promote harm pervention options.
  • Resiliency education - Learned Optimism and effective esteem development strategies.
  • Values development and worldview calibration.

Dalgarno Program Objectives

Assist Schools, Sporting Clubs, Churches and other community groups by delivering an effective holistic prevention focused (with early intervention component) Drug and Alcohol Education Education/Advocacy process. This endeavour will act to…

  • Maximise harm prevention via intervention and abstinence based strategies through education and student participation in learning and implementation processes.
  • Increase awareness of alcohol and drug impact via culturally creative and relevant ways.
  • Enhance options for proactive participation in peer intervention and education.
  • Assist in the developing learned optimism and healthy esteem enhancement strategies
  • Provide – prevention and early intervention Training and Resources
  • Provide a catalyst for and enhancement of any on going drug and alcohol awareness efforts within school communities.
  • Provide supplementary or replacement options for School Drug Education Strategies, including:
  1. Deliver ‘No Brainer’ and ‘Zero Hero’ Drug and Alcohol Education Workshops to Secondary Schools and Primary Schools. Deliver ‘Taking Charge’ Motivational Workshops to Sporting Groups, Coaches Service Clubs and/
  2. Deliver training for community groups wanting to be part of 'Fence Building' preventative measures.
  3. Drug Education and Harm Prevention strategies.
  4. Deliver ‘BOUNCE’ Resiliency Information nights for Parents and Teachers.
  5. Liaison with and referrals to Quality Cognitive Based Therapies.
  6. Resource and Materials development.
  7. Drug & Alcohol policy advice and recommendations.

Our projects include...

    1. Fence Builder Program (Fence Builder club and Fence Building Fortnight)
    2. B.O.W.I. (Better Off Without It – sporting club program)
    3. NO Brainer 'I wish I never..." DVD Curriculum package including seminars, workshops and website
    4. Zero Hero Primary School Seminars.
    5. BOUNCE and TAKING CHARGE Resiliency and motivation seminars for parents and coaches.
    6. SHAKE-A-LEG Indigenous Music Project
    7. Isabella's List

John van Groningen - Criminologist, Adjunct Professor RMIT
Professor John Toumbourou - Associate Dean, Chair in Health Psychology, Deakin University
Mrs. Jo Baxter, CEO of Drug Free Australia
Professor Stuart Reece MD; Curtin University, AOD Rehabilitaton Clinician
Derek Steenholdt - Master Educator
Dr. K. 'John' Smith - Cultural Anthropologist
Paul Tolliday - National Director of S.T.A.R.S. (Students That Action Reconciliation Seriously)
Warwick Murphy - Executive Director of ISAAC Australisia; Veteran AOD Clinician and Counselor
Gary Christian - Fellow of DFA
Neil Meyer - State Director of Teen Challenge.

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    (Coalition of Alcohol & Drug Educators)

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    : PO Box 7005
    Dandenong, Vic, 3175

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