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Sheree da Costa talks about losing son Joey, who suffered hallucinogenic persistent perception disorder, known as HPPD.

Many also experience out-of-body sensations and extreme anxiety.

It's triggered by the use of psychedelic drugs and has been described as the "trip that never ends".

With the use of illegal drugs on the rise and the emergence of psychedelics in the treatment of mental health disorders, there are calls for greater awareness and more research into the condition.

It's a condition described as a living hell by sufferers, and it's marked by stigma and shame. 

  • Hallucinogenic persistent perception disorder, or HPPD, is triggered by the use of psychedelic drugs.
  • HPPD can result in disturbed vision, where a sufferer may constantly see visual snow, haloes or trails and experience depersonalisation or other feelings of isolation or confusion.
  • One person developed the condition after their drink was spiked, while others became affected after taking drugs at parties.

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SAMHSA is committed to improving prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for mental and substance use disorders.