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Introduction: Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage.
AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria.

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Action Alcohol

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F.A.S.D. Day 9TH Hour 9TH Day of 9TH Month - Every Year!
Legalise Cannabis - Really? 

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9th of the 9th Support FASD Day - September 2016
ICE Room - Bad Policy Narrative That Promotes Community Endorsement of Illicit Drug Use
Media Release ('Mobile Injecting Vans Encourage Drug Use', and more...)

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2015 Media Release Listing

QLD Police to be Congratulated - Febuary 2015
Roos On AFL Drug Policy April 2015

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2014 Media Release Listing

Surge in HIV/STDs with ICE use
9th of the 9th Support FASD Day - September 14
Family Violence Drug Crime Rise - August 2014
BAC.02 it's time - July 14
Point of Sale Alcohol Promotions should be banned - July 14
Medical Marijuana New Panacea? June 14
Bipartisan Support For ICE Reform May 2014
ITFSDP Provides Commentary On Colorados Legalized Pot Experiment 2014
ICE Pandemic - April 2014

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2013 Media Release Listing

9th of the 9th Support FASD Day September 13
Overdose Deaths Pass National Road Toll For First Time - August 2013
Time To End Alcohol Lobby Political Donations - August 2013
Naloxone unsupervised Rapid Detox - Warning - August 201313
Ambulance Shortage Leaves 18 Yo Man Dead But Why - August 2013
One Evil Genie Enough - July 13
Raising a glass or just bending the elbow April 2013
Alcohol Free Pregnancy Best Medicine March 2013
Drinking Ban Register - Does It Go Far Enough February 2013
AFL Drug Policy Attitude Matters January 2013

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