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“Let’s all make a noise to raise awareness of the incurable, but completely preventable, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder!”

“The greatest tragedy of this dangerous scenario, is that way too many people, even though they are aware of the risks, seem to believe they won’t be the ones who will  have a child impacted – permanently – by this preventable condition,” said Shane Varcoe. Exective Director Dalgarno Institute 

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Media Release - January 2019

Unless you’ve suffered from cancer, or no someone close who has, most people are really oblivious to World Cancer Day, (WCD) which comes in focus on the 4th of February every year.

W.C.D. also coincidently, coincides with the annual FebFast – the ‘go alcohol free for February’ project. The Dalgarno Institute encourages all Australians to utilize this opportunity to not only take stock of alcohol consumption, but more, to reflect on factors/element/issues that can motivate us to go beyond the idea of ‘slowing a bad habit’, and to contemplate and step toward having a healthier, smarter, and potentially longer life!

FebFast, as with other initiatives, Dry July and Dalgarno Institutes very own Fence Building Fortnight (conceived in 1988) is really about circuit breaking – taking time out to recalibrate. The next 28 days will help you focus on that change for the better.
So, what’s to gain, besides raising a couple bucks for a worthy cause? Hmmm, let’s see!

Reduce risk of Cancer: According to research out of Centre for Alcohol Policy Research reducing alcohol consumption reduces cancer risk!  “Change in alcohol consumption per capita was significantly and positively associated with change in both male and female head and neck cancer mortality, particularly among males and females aged 50 and above….In total, it is estimated from the analysis that about 6.5 per cent of male and 4.1 per cent of female head and neck cancer deaths were related to alcohol consumption in Australia between 1968 and 2011….Alcohol consumption was estimated to be responsible for 8.4 per cent of male liver cancer deaths in Australia in the last 50 years.”

Prostate Cancer is a high killer of men. and…“Compared with non-drinkers, heavy drinkers had a 21% greater risk of PCa overall and a 34% greater risk of high-grade PCa (Gleason score of 7 or higher).”
Of course, breast cancer risk is increased with alcohol consumption… “In fact, your risk of breast cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer and oesophagus cancer is increased with any regular amount of alcohol and continues to increase with every drink.”

Monash University researchers also expressed concerns… “Existing evidence suggests drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancers of the breast, bowel, mouth and throat. It’s estimated that up to 6.5 per cent of cancer cases can be attributed to long term drinking. Even low levels of alcohol consumption can place drinkers at an increased risk; and the risk increases with each drink”

Making us Sick to Death!

Of course, there are ALL the other health conditions and death itself that the Booze Barons don’t want you to know about. According to World Health Organization (WHO) Report… “alcohol is a contributor to more than 200 health conditions and causes around 3.3 million deaths across the globe each year.”
In 2016, alcohol was the seventh leading risk factor for death and disability worldwide. Among those aged 15–49, alcohol use was the leading risk factor, accounting for 2.3% of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) and 3.8% of deaths among women, and 8.9% of DALYs and 12.2% of deaths among men.

Better Parenting

Those drinking three drinks a day or more are prone to neglect or to quote Addiction specialist inadvertently abuse their children.

Helping the Planet

According to the authors of ALCOHOL & the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) …Alcohol is a major obstacle to sustainable human development, adversely affecting all three dimensions of sustainable development… alcohol is a massive obstacle to achieving 13 out of 17 SDGs, and a total of 52 targets. Alcohol is an obstacle to development by jeopardizing human capital and hindering sustainable human development…The water footprint of beer is horrific. Per one liter of beer, 298 liters of water have to be used.
Anyway, we could continue, but you get the point. Choices always matter, but some more than others.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, the ‘trade off’ of all the grief vs my_________________? (you fill in the blank), is good question to ponder as you take a break from this class one carcinogen.

Most importantly of all – whilst what you ‘put down’ is important, it’s what you take up that matters more. So, make sure you explore other healthy options, not just of beverage consumption, but body and soul strengthening activities to make your FebFast, a FebBlast, and help work toward making World Cancer Day redundant!

Communications Officer - The Dalgarno Institute

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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