The Evidence-Based Research Continues to Grow

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#preventdontpromote  #childrenandyouthfirst

Cannabis, the Community and Our Children – The Conundrum Continues…

The Science is in, and the deluge of evidencebased data and research on the harms and potential harms of Cannabis/Marijuana and its manipulated derivatives continues to mount clear causal links to Psychosis, Hippocampus damage - resulting in short term memory loss, Temporal lobe damage, lack of motivation, negative Mental Health outcomes, Genotoxic and Mutagenic properties and the list of evidence-based facts goes on.

But what are we hearing in the marketplace, and consequently, what are our young people parroting? It’s ‘medical’, therefore ‘can’t be that bad!’ ‘Everyone says it’s harmless’. The benign mantras hide an incredibly malignant reality that our communities and particularly the young, are paying a heavy price for.

A message that an addiction for profit industry is ‘selling’ easily to many greedy and becoming increasingly obvious, ‘bought off’ policy and law makers that has no more quintessential clarity than in the US State of Colorado – Ground Zero for ‘recreational’ cannabis legalisation.

Our February 2020 tour was an absolute eye opener and for many members of various parliaments – a revelation. absolutely no clue of the correlation of their Marijuana use and the physical, emotional, relational, social, criminal and psychological consequences they were now having to work through in a rehab setting. Did they have anything bad to say about Marijuana? Very few, in fact what I heard was almost verbatim the messages being promoted by commercial organisations, medical dispensaries, dealers and political parties about how amazing this plant was and just how much it is helping the country.

However, when they understood the medical and scientific evidence and research there were many lights going on in people’s eyes and there were many young people wanting answers. Why are they being sold a product which is apparently good for them when in reality it is and was a significant contributing factor to their current situation...?

Not only have members of our coalition experienced first hand, the escalating and grossly under-reported harms of the failed experiment, but the two remarkable clinicians on our tour more than confirmed the very worst. The staggering increase in the black market and Cartel activity (despite legalization) There are now three unwieldly marijuana markets including the ‘grey’ market produced by failed bureaucracy, under-regulation and mismanagement.

Crime is not decreasing, rather increasing. Drug driving harms and deaths escalating. High levels of homelessness, particularly of young people in states where Marijuana has been legalised.

The failed promises we only glimpsed at were more than confirmed, by our visiting clinicians Dr Randall and educator, Lynn Riemer, with no prosperity, no increased usable revenues and a veritable avalanche of both predicated and unforeseen costs, that the non-cannabis using tax-payer are now bearing the burden of – a burden they were told would never eventuate.

It is of serious concern that some uninformed (or perhaps marijuana industry informed) messages identical to the Colorado pot-propaganda narrative are being made here as to the benefits to Australia’s economy, potential decrease in pressure on courts, prisons and so on.

The Cannabis Conundrum is not going away, and it imperative that every key community stakeholder – parent, educator, youth worker, any employee within the Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health, Social Services, Law enforcement, Health sectors, Local, State and Federal Politician and all decision-makers to engage with this evidence and respond as a healthy civil society should.

No matter which side you stand on the issue, hearing these stories is important to garner balance to the very real discussion and decision process that is coming to Australia in this area.

The Next Phase of our Cannabis Conundrum Education Initiative is underway.

The Dalgarno Institute, DACA and Drug Free Australia are continuing to advocate for best practice for the physical and mental health and well-being of Australians, particularly our families and children. Dr. Karen Randall and Drug Educator Lynn Reimer gave us but a glimpse into the chaos that is cannabis legalisation in Colorado and continue on our request to make themselves available to our nation.

We are working with politicians, policy makers and key health and policing sectors to make both these clinicians and their expertise and evidence available and accessible to you and your community.

Yes, we are planning our second incursion, but here on this platform we are giving you access to the resources you and your community need to make sound, harm preventing and community health benefiting decisions. Marijuana Normalisation Impacts Communities.


#preventdontpromote  #childrenandyouthfirst

profile 01

Dr. Karen Randall FAAEM

• Chairman of the Board, SCEMA

• VP of Case Management, SCEMA

• Certified in Cannabis Science & Medicine

Dr. Karen Randall trained in family medicine, pediatrics and emergency medicine.

She worked at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit teaching emergency medicine in a large academic program and was teacher of the year several times.

Dr.Randall is part of a large emergency medicine group called Southern Colorado Emergency Medicine Associates (SCEMA).

She is both chairman of the board of SCEMA, and the Vice President of case management.

With regards to cannabis - Dr. Karen is certified in Cannabis Science & Medicine through the University of Vermont. She has spoken internationally and across the US about the harms of cannabis.

Dr.Randall recently published an article about emergency medicine presentations in Missouri Medicine.

In her spare time, Dr.Randall, takes care of medically needy rescue dachshunds that no one wants. She says they are a handful, but they keep her grounded.


Email your questions and queries to

Dr Randall:

Lynn Riemer:

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Lynn Riemer (A.C.T. on Drugs)

Lynn Riemer has a regional and National reputation as a speaker, trainer, and advocate on the issues related to substance abuse.

As an experienced chemist (DEA) and prior member of the North Metro Drug Task Force in Colorado, her experience and engaging style brings a real, personal, and vivid face to the issues presented by illicit drug use.

Lynn speaks regularly with students, community child advocacy groups, industrial and professional groups, and employees of local and State governmental agencies. She addresses drug awareness, recognition, and prevention.

While working with the North Metro Drug Task Force she developed intensive programs used to train emergency and community service workers in the handling of hazardous waste and the management of clandestine labs.

Additionally, she has been a member of governmental committees to create regulations for meth clean up in the state of Colorado.

Lynn has co-chaired the Drug Endangered Children program, as well as worked to create new laws protecting children who are living in homes where meth is manufactured.

She is a co-author of the book “The Methamphetamine Crisis: Strategies to Save Addicts, Families, and Communities” and received the Community Champion for Children Award from Adams & Broomfield CASA in 2010.

In 2018 Lynn received the 7Everyday Hero Award (presented to Coloradans who are making a difference in their community).





#preventdontpromote  #childrenandyouthfirst