Cannabis and Cardiovascular Health don’t mix!

In a very recent article in the New York Times  the reporter succinctly laid out the facts when it comes to the potential harms of marijuana use on cardiovascular health. 

“Do you have the heart to safely smoke pot? Maybe not, a growing body of medical reports suggest,” begins the piece — authored by Personal Health columnist Jane E. Brody. 

Brody’s piece lays out the evidence showing marijuana use impairs blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, exposes users to harmful chemicals and leads to abnormal heart rhythms. The piece also explained how researchers are exploring the possible connections between high potency marijuana use and heart attacks and stroke. 


However, for anyone even vaguely interested in heart health and looking past the pot-propaganda would be aware that this is not a recent revelation; evidence-based research outlining the real cardio-vascular harms of Cannabis have been in play for years.

As far back as 2013 and 2014 reporters were writing on the potential harms of pot on the heart…

Here's another compelling reason to think twice before lighting up a joint: Smoking pot may more than double your risk of stroke, according to a new study being presented here today at the International Stroke Conference. (Charlene Laino, Special to Everyday Health)

Such reporting is hardly the basis for declaring marijuana use an outright cause of cardiovascular disease. But on Wednesday, cardiologists writing in the Journal of the American Heart Assn. warned that "clinical evidence ... suggests the potential for serious cardiovascular risks associated with marijuana use." (Melissa Healy – LA Times)

Cannabis dependence and abuse nearly doubled risk of heart attack post-surgery St. Michael's Hospital Patients with active cannabis dependence and abuse were nearly twice as likely to suffer a heart attack after surgery, according to a study led by researchers at St. Michael's Hospital of Unity Health Toronto. (Medical Xpress 2019)

"The effects of using cannabis are seen within 15 minutes and last for around three hours. At lower doses, it is linked to a rapid heartbeat. At higher doses, it is linked to a too-slow heartbeat," said Rikinkumar S. Patel, M.D., M.P.H., resident physician in the department of psychiatry at the Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman, Oklahoma..."The risk of cannabis use linked to arrhythmia in young people is a major concern, and physicians should ask patients hospitalized with arrhythmias about their use of cannabis and other substances because they could be triggering their arrhythmias," said Patel. (Medical Express – Cannabis linked to Heart Rhythm Disturbances in Young)

 The research continues to grow (and exponentially) around the many physical and mental harms of this complex and highly unpredictable substance. The heart and stroke issues are a generally underestimated harm, that must not be continued to be overlooked. For more Evidence-based and published research check out the following.

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